The Physical Adaptations Underlying the Tardigrade’s Resistance to Extreme Environmental Conditions 

Although tardigrades were discovered in the late 18th century, they have continued to captivate scientists due to their outstanding resistance to environmental conditions that are lethal to most organisms and that is necessary given their ecological distribution across various environments. Explanations as to the mechanisms underlying this superior resistance have…

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Closed Kinematic Chains: A New Perspective and Analysis of Biological Ability

Kinematic chains are wonderful phenomena that appear in biological organisms. They involve looped segments connected by joints and these loops are either open or closed. In a closed system, movement from any particular joint will generate movement at all other joints in a specific manner, as these joints cannot move…

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Lost a limb? No Problem!

Life in the wild is extremely harsh. Major injuries such as the loss of a limb can quickly turn fatal for many animals if they are not protected by other individuals. Since an event like this is extremely dangerous if left unrepaired, many animals across vast phyla have evolved methods…

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