Exploration of Mathematical Laws Governing Claws and their Applications within Flying Animals, Terrestrial Pests, and Amniotes

Claws are one of the most widely utilized tools within organisms, and for a good reason: their purposeful constructions, described by mathematical laws and correlations, allow a wide range of use. This research paper investigates these fascinating mathematical relationships, beginning with the connection between claw growth and logarithmic functions. Applying…

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Courtship and Mating Within Evolutionary Game

In this essay, we investigated methods of mathematical modeling which can be utilized to describe evolutionary game theory. An organism’s evolutionary fitness is defined by their ability to pass their genes on to their offspring. Without effective courting and mating practices, it is impossible to find quality mates and therefore…

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Courtship and Mating: The Chemistry of Pheromones and Their Evolutionary Function

In this essay we investigate the chemistry involved in the reproductive process. Courtship and mating practices are not limited to physical and auditory pursuits. Pheromones cause innate chemical allurement between compatible animals. There are a wide range of pheromones, and each have their own specific properties and functions. Different pheromones…

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