Rates of Reaction

Exploring Aquatic Fungi Through Mathematical Tools

 The beauty of mathematics lies in its ability to create models to simplify complex things in real life and give explanations to them. Models are a great way to study and analyze species in nature and it is the same for aquatic fungi. Mathematical models also help us predict their…

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A Geometrical Analysis of Different Animals’ Carapace

This article explores the applications of geometry to the carapace of different organisms. The initial focus is on the three-dimensional shape of the turtle carapace to introduce the Gomboc shape which provides the self-righting feature to the turtle based on its unique property of equilibrium points. Then, the patterns of…

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A Neurochemical Overview of Sleep, its Deprivation and Hibernation

The phenomenon of sleep has been universally observed among animals, and is driven by a plethora of chemical processes that regulate the animal’s brain activity. The onset of sleep brings about a number of chemical changes driven by various neurotransmitters. These changes allow the brain to carry out and improve…

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