Phenotypic Adaptation of Daphnia Throughout Evolution

Abstract Daphnia, referred to as water fleas due to their distinctive hop-and-sink swimming pattern, are commonly found navigating freshwater lakes and ponds. Their phenotype, finely tuned to their environment and way of life, is dynamically adaptive throughout their lifecycle, showcasing variations in eye size, carapace shape, and swimming behaviors. Their compound

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Copepods Through the Lens of Physics

Abstract This research paper will present copepods from a physics approach while focusing on three key aspects. To begin, the low Reynolds number environment in which copepods reside makes them face entirely different challenges than larger organisms when it comes to the basics for survival like moving, eating, detecting, and

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Resonating Devices in Nature for Communication and Information Reception

ABSTRACT Vibrations and resonance are pervasive means of communication and information reception in the animal kingdom. The tools, appendages, and organs used by an animal to amplify vibrations are known as resonating devices, which are the focus of this review. Animals from cicadas to lions employ resonating devices for functions…

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