Suction Cups

Mathematical Modeling of Marine Suction Cups

Many marine animals have evolved to include suction cups, and the suction cups of the natural world continue to inspire synthetic cup technology. Mathematical models can be used to understand the adaptations of different species and the way these operate. By deepening the knowledge of suction mechanisms, new and better…

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An Evolutionary Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Marine Suction Cups

Abstract Suction cups are important adaptations for aquatic animals, allowing for predation, locomotion, stability, and other species-specific functions. The chemical structure of each suction cup is designed by nature to be as energetically efficient as possible in performing the suction cup’s species-specific purpose, giving the suction cup chemical properties that…

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Biomechanics of Marine Suction Cups and Applications to Artificial Suction Technology

Suction cups are important adhesive adaptations for many marine animals, allowing for locomotion, predation, stability, and grasping of objects. Interesting morphological adaptations have allowed the suction cups of distinct species to best accommodate the purpose of the suctioning mechanism as well as the unique environment that the organism inhabits. The…

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