Fourier Transform

Discussion of Nature’s Design Solutions in Tintinnids: Masters of Microzooplankton Survival

In this essay, we explore tintinnids’ survival designs within the context of fundamental physics principles. Tintinnids employ diverse mechanisms to outmaneuver predators, locate prey, and safeguard themselves. To avoid predators, tintinnids utilize specific swimming patterns, attach to groups of particles, develop symbiotic relationships with diatoms, and have undergone morphological adaptations…

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Magnetic Marvels: A Mathematical Exploration of Magnetotactic Bacteria

Order can be found within the seemingly complex, and perhaps even disordered, processes and shapes that constitute magnetotactic bacteria (MTB). This order can be explained by the concepts of mathematics. First and foremost, the crystalline structures within the magnetosomes of MTB can be modelled mathematically. Magnetite and greigite crystals consist…

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Mathematical Modeling of Resonating Devices in Animals for Communication and Information Reception

ABSTRACTAcoustic resonance is a natural phenomenon such that vibrations at specific frequencies tend to be amplified due to the natural properties of the medium through which they travel. Depending on the medium’s mechanical characteristics, different vibrational frequencies can be amplified. The biological significance of resonance comes from its ability to…

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