The Design of the Spine

This paper discusses the design of the spine in bison and how these animals support their heads without tiring quickly. Furthermore, the purposes of spinal modeling are discussed along with their real-life applications. The spine is crucial to the function of all vertebrates as it is allows movement, and stabilizes…

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Molecular Design of the Spine and Spinal Cord

This paper discusses the molecular aspects of the spine and the spinal cord. It explores the purpose of the spinal cord and how it operates in the body. The report then investigates how evolution has changed the spine and spinal cord of numerous species such as different reptiles, fish, and…

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Analysis of the Mechanics of the Spine

This report explores the purpose of the spine by discussing its architecture and mechanics and how this helps its overall function. The similarities between brittle star arms and the mammalian spine are also investigated. This research paper discusses mechanisms, functionality, and design of the mammalian spine, or the vertebral column.…

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