Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Transport Phenomena

The Mechanics and Rates of Organic Matter Decomposition

Decomposition and Degradation, Chemotaxis, Collective Feeding, Organic Matter, Photodegradation, Bacteria, Climate Change

Graeme McDougall, Jeongbin Shin, Mona Wang, Ritchie Yu

Animal Architecture: The Mechanics Behind Some of Nature’s Most Ingenious Structures

Materials and Mechanics, Architecture and Shelter, Thermoregulation, Habitat, Stress, Hexagonal Geometry, Friction

Adi Orlov, Berine Wehbeh, Yuheng Liu, Sara Fraser

Evolution of Mammary Glands and the Biomechanics of Mammalian Lactation

Lactation, Adaptation and Evolution, Biomechanics, Mammals, Milk and Dairy

Ayoub Rabhi, Zach Gurberg, Di Ah Lim, Olivia Clague

The Hidden Properties Behind Animal Foraging Strategies

Foraging, Group Behaviour, Cooperation, Tool, Detection, Gathering

Ella Gadoury, Emma Lee, Floriane Baudin, Tian Rui Wang

A Portfolio of The Physical Peculiarities of Animal Sleep Behaviour

Sleep, Gravity, Thermodynamics and Thermoregulation, Evolutionary Adaptation, Digestion

Kelliane Beland, Taisei Fu, Andres Gonzalez, Grace Shi

Bioinformatics and Sensory Function of Mammalian Fur: An Analysis of Coat Patterning, Whiskers, and Trigger Hairs

sensing, Turing patterns, whiskers, venus flytraps, mammals, follicles

Marc Amin, Lovéni Hanumunthadu, Matthew MacDonald, Thibaud Roy

The Design of the Spine

Bison, spines, musculoskeletal system, 3D modelling, spinal injuries

Ahmed Bawany, Bianca Dubois, Yzza M’sahi, Michael Parsons

Cephalopods and their Beak

Cephalopods, beaks, mechanics, feeding, biomimicry

Palmyra Mendoza Cabrer, Karina Carlson, Rylee Mcdonald, Michael Weldon

Information Storage and Processing as Part of Pattern Formation, Photoreception, Thermoreception, and Mechanoreception of the Integument

Information storage, integument, Turing patterns, feedback loops, sensing

Juyoun Bae, Andrei Bocan, Justin Charney, Lan Anh Huynh

Biological Design for Lungs and Gills: Information and Storage Processing

Respiration, lungs, gills, diffusion, metabolism, oxygen

Samuel Bernard, Nabhaan Farooqi, Camille Gagnon, Will Vyse

How Computers and Robotics Helped Us Understand Flippers

Flippers, biometrics, fluid dynamics, Reynolds number, biomimicry, swimming

McKenna Baron, Nour Hanna, Guillaume Rodier, Gabriel Straface

An Analysis of Sensors and Systems of Artificial Noses

Noses, olfaction, artificial organs, sensing, biosensors

Curtis Ehlert, Ingi El Shahid, Liv Toft, Mary Wan