Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Fish

Animal Communication: A Chemical Review

Communication, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), biosynthesis, pheromones, bioluminescence, biochemistry

Adam Khan, Janique Mayrand, Olivia Ouellet, Angela Wang

Functional Interpretations of Chemotaxis in Migrating Organisms

Chemotaxis, Migration, Trophic Systems, Isotopes, Gene Expression, Diadromy, Osmoregulation

Trina Fearon, Taymour El Gamal, Karim Mustafa

An Overview of Transport-Related Interspecies Relationships

Transport, Symbiosis, Attachment Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Interspecies Interactions

Dorothy Ma, Beth Cushnie, Anh Ngo, Tanoulu Li

Animal Communication: A Physical Review

Structural Coloration, Photonics, Echolocation, Electrocommunication, Nanostructures, Signaling

Adam Khan, Janique Mayrand, Olivia Ouellet, Angela Wang

Superpowers in the Animal Kingdom

Sensory Adaptation and Systems, Echolocation, UV (Vision), Magnetism, Electroreception, Sharks, Bats, Fish

Yaman Al Janaideh, David Bettan, Kaitlyn Cribb, Vanessa Piché

Courtship and Mating: the Physics of Sexual Dimorphism and its Evolutionary Function

Reproduction, Dimorphism, Evolution, Optics, Bioluminescence, Biomechanics, Courtship and Mating

Liam Fetherstonhaugh, Joseph Grotsky, Chloe Jacquet, Samuel Nidelli

An Investigation into the Biophysical Relationship Between Predator-Prey Pairs

Predator-Prey, Biomechanics, Adaptation, Echolocation, Electric Field, Evolution

Andrew Xie, Dalya Messaoudi, Laurier Gauvin, Reefah Kabir

The Blue Blood of Horseshoe Crabs: A golden Standard for Endotoxin Detection in the Biomedical Industry

horseshoe crabs, blood, endotoxins, detection, biochemistry, biosensing

Arnaud Benchetrite, Ines Hafit, Laura Hebert, Shiyuan Qiao,

Cephalopods and their Beak

Cephalopods, beaks, mechanics, feeding, biomimicry

Palmyra Mendoza Cabrer, Karina Carlson, Rylee Mcdonald, Michael Weldon

Information Storage and Processing as Part of Pattern Formation, Photoreception, Thermoreception, and Mechanoreception of the Integument

Information storage, integument, Turing patterns, feedback loops, sensing

Juyoun Bae, Andrei Bocan, Justin Charney, Lan Anh Huynh

Biological Design for Lungs and Gills: Information and Storage Processing

Respiration, lungs, gills, diffusion, metabolism, oxygen

Samuel Bernard, Nabhaan Farooqi, Camille Gagnon, Will Vyse

How Computers and Robotics Helped Us Understand Flippers

Flippers, biometrics, fluid dynamics, Reynolds number, biomimicry, swimming

McKenna Baron, Nour Hanna, Guillaume Rodier, Gabriel Straface