Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Rodents and Lagomorphs

Geometry is Key: Mathematical Modeling of Whiskers and Antennae

Whiskers, antennae, geometry, Euler spiral, sensing

Yen Chuang, Giselle De Leon, Anna Xuyao Shi, Ella (Yaxin) Wang

Comparison of Antenna and Whisker Functions in Different Environments

Antennae, whiskers, sensing, signal processing, mechanosensing

Yen Chuang, Giselle De Leon, Anna Xuyao Shi, Ella (Yaxin) Wang

The Metabolic and Regulatory Roles of Adipose Tissue in Organisms

Metabolism, adipose tissue, fats, lipids, thermogenesis, endocrine functions

Edward Tong, Josh Negenman, Michelle Sayeh, Milana Farah

A Biochemical and Cellular Analysis of Auto Regenerative, Venomous, and Hormonally Influenced Tails

Tails, Regeneration, Venom/Toxin, Hormones, Adaptation, Genes/Gene Expression, Immunity

Moriah Campbell, Martin Pone, Clementine Ruiz

Exploration of Mathematical Laws Governing Claws and their Applications within Flying Animals, Terrestrial Pests, and Amniotes

Mathematical Modeling, Claws, Logarithmic Growth and Spiral, Niche, Biomimicry, Digging, Predator-Prey

Liela Andringa, Alan Fu, Alex Jung, Oscar Cruz Hernandez

Tails: An Investigation into the Variability of Their Structure and Function

Tails, Thermoregulation, Propulsion, Foraging, Aerodynamics, Evolution

Clementine Ruiz, Moriah Campbell, Martin Pone

Rodent Adaptations to Ever-growing Teeth

Rodents, Teeth, Morphology and Anatomy, Jaws, Diet, Bite Force, Tooth Eruption

Taegan Hallahan, Emma Martin, Marion Vandewynckele-Bossut, Mianchen Wang