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Category: Fish

Mathematical Modeling of Marine Suction Cups

Suction cups, mathematical modelling, elasticity, geometry, biomimicry

Juan Manuel Rocha Angel, Mika Chang, Emily Martin, Tokiniaina Raharison

An Evolutionary Analysis of the Chemical Composition of Marine Suction Cups

Suction cups, collagen, evolution, cytoskeleton, biochemistry, sensing

Juan Manuel Rocha Angel, Mika Chang, Emily Martin, Tokiniaina Raharison Ralambomihanta

Biomechanics of Marine Suction Cups and Applications to Artificial Suction Technology

Suction cups, anatomy, papillae, biomimicry, pressure differentiation

Juan Manuel Rocha Angel, Mika Chang, Emily Martin, and Tokiniaina Raharison Ralambomihanta

The Hydrodynamic Advantages of Shark Scales

Scales, sharks, hydrodynamics, drag, 3D modelling, fluid dynamics

Eve Barrette-Vanasse, Anne-Frederic Laurin, Rus Trana, Jun Xiao

The Life Cycle of the Whiskers and Antennae of Animals and Insects 

Whiskers, antennae, barbels, sensing, receptors, morphology, regeneration

Yen Chuang, Giselle De Leon, Anna Xuyao Shi, Ella (Yaxin) Wang

Spiky Surprises: The Chemistry of Spines and Quills

Spine, Quills, Keratin, Collagen, Biomineralization

Coty Ma, Alexandra Schuck, Éloise Soderböm, Dan Voicu

Mathematical Modeling of Aerodynamic Functions of Aquatic and Avian Tails

Mathematical Modeling, Aerodynamics, Tails, Fin, Stiffness, Resonance, Propulsion

Moriah Campbell, Martin Pone, Clementine Ruiz

Evolution of Human Models Representing the Complexity of the Jaw and its Functionalities

Jaws, Lever, Biomechanics, Kinematic Chains, Evolution, Feeding Mechanisms

Michelle Levy, Riwa Itani, Irene Simier, Joseph Marsilio

Tails: An Investigation into the Variability of Their Structure and Function

Tails, Thermoregulation, Propulsion, Foraging, Aerodynamics, Evolution

Clementine Ruiz, Moriah Campbell, Martin Pone

Reaction Diffusion Patterns in Jaws of the Animal Kingdom

Reaction Diffusion Patterning, Denticles, Morphogenesis, Teeth, Jaws, Growth

Michelle Levy, Riwa Itani, Joseph Marsilio, Irene Simier Requejo

Mathematical Modeling of the Molting Process

Molting, mathematical modelling, fur, feathers, exoskeleton, statistics

Sidrah Alousi-Jones, Le Chen, Léanne Gauthier, Haley Janvrin

A Mathematical Representation of Brain Activity During Sleep

Sleep, brain activity, REM and NREM, circadian rhythm, mathematical modelling, dreams

Kelliane Beland, Taisei Fu, Andres Gonzalez, Grace Shi