Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Animal Homes

Patterns and Networks in Animal Colonies

Colonial organisms, anthills, pattern recognition, coral reefs, mole rats, ecosystems, geometry

Berine Wehbeh, Sara Fraser, Yuheng Liu, Adi Orlov

Bioadhesives for Animal Construction in Nature: A Collection of Case Studies

Bioadhesives, spider webs, insect nests, silk, adhesion mechanisms

Yuheng Liu, Berine Wehbeh, Sara Fraser, Adi Orlov

An Overview of Transport-Related Interspecies Relationships

Transport, Symbiosis, Attachment Mechanics, Hydrodynamics, Interspecies Interactions

Dorothy Ma, Beth Cushnie, Anh Ngo, Tanoulu Li

Animal Architecture: The Mechanics Behind Some of Nature’s Most Ingenious Structures

Materials and Mechanics, Architecture and Shelter, Thermoregulation, Habitat, Stress, Hexagonal Geometry, Friction

Adi Orlov, Berine Wehbeh, Yuheng Liu, Sara Fraser