Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Neurons and Neurotransmitters

Daphnia’s Chemical Interactions: Varying Conditions Require Varying Responses

Predator-prey, environmental stressors, bioindicator, adaptation, bioremediation, kairomone, diel vertical migration

Eva Otell, Iris Sun, Marwan Sobh, Rémi Ouellete, Xinying Wang

Speed, Sense, and Strike: The Biochemistry of Tentacles and their Chemical Interactions with the Environment

Tentacles, muscle tissue, suction, regeneration, sensing, signal propagation

Yousif Al Shajlawi, Henry Bain, Charles Barakett, Julianna Bede

A Chemical Review of Animal Tongue Functions

Tongue, Chemical Cues/Chemosensors, Adhesion, Hunt, Taste Discrimination, Mucin, Evolution

Shunyuan Xiao, Marc Srour, Sophie Allard

Chemical Mechanisms of Resonating Devices in Animals for Communication and Information Reception

Resonating Devices/Acoustic Resonance, Communication/Information Conveyance and Reception, Protein Crystallization, Mechanotransduction, Echolocation, Amplification, Composite Biomaterials and Biopolymers

Archinlin Wang, Henry Stephenson, Syphax Ramdani, Zachary Flynn

A Neurochemical Overview of Sleep, its Deprivation and Hibernation

NREM and REM Sleep, Neurotransmitters, Waste Clearance/Glymphatic System, Hibernation, Immune Activation

Kelliane Beland, Taisei Fu, Andres Gonzalez, Grace Shi

Regulation of the Gut and its Effect on Animal Behavior

Gastrointestinal system, gut microbiome, biochemical pathways, neurotransmitters, complex system of equations

Trevor Hum, Xavier Santerre, Kyle Vamvakas, Mathilde Wagner

Information Storage and Processing Analysis: The Barn Owl Ear

Barn owls, ear anatomy, sound localization, frequency, sensing

Alessio Palladino, Laura Jahchan, Aidan Licoppe, Shu Yuan Zhang

Biomolecular Factors for Immunity, Color Change, and Mechanical Strength of the Integument

Integument System, Chromatophores and Color Change, Glands, Cell Junctions, Immunity

Juyoun Bae, Andrei Bocan, Justin Charney, Lan Anh Huynh