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Category: Microtubules

Physical Principles Governing the Movement of Dinoflagellates and The Implications for Their Interactions in Aquatic Ecosystems

Dinoflagellates, flagella, swimming, kinematics, Reynolds number, fluid dynamics

Thalia Azadian, Arda Barlas, Sophia Chen, Simon Girard

Mathematical Models of Diatoms: Understanding Their Complex Shape, Reproduction and Chain Formation

Diatoms, geometry, Gielis formula, structural functionality, fractals

Peter Matthews-Crochetiere, Daniel Ibrahim, Wenan Liao, Cedric Mackay

An Analysis of the Chemistry Behind Coccolithophores

Coccolithophores, calcification, crystallization, photosynthesis, biochemical pathways, ocean acidification

Megan Farrow, Zackary Murphy, Minh Tri Pham, Jia Yi Yu