Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Pollination

Population Dynamics for Mutualistic Relationships

Population dynamics, mutualistic relationships, bees, moths, parasites, ecology

Beth Cushnie, Dorothy Ma, Anh Ngo, Tanoulu Li

Mathematical Framework for Animal Foraging Patterns and Forager Population Dynamics

Foraging patterns, Levy processes, marginal value theorem, population dynamics, stochastic models

Ella Gadoury, Emma Lee, Floriane Baudin, Tian Rui Wang

Animal Communication: A Chemical Review

Communication, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), biosynthesis, pheromones, bioluminescence, biochemistry

Adam Khan, Janique Mayrand, Olivia Ouellet, Angela Wang

Master of Camouflage: Chemical Deception in Insect and Plant Species

Camouflage, mimicry, biosynthesis, bioluminescence, parasitism, pollination

Christopher Coluni, John Eric Hamilton, Olivia Lopardo, Olivier Morin

An Overview of Chemical Communications in Interspecies Mutualism Relationships

Mutualism, Predator-Prey, Pheromones, Insects, Chemical Communication, Parasitic/Parasitoid

Dorothy Ma, Beth Cushnie, Anh Ngo, Tanoulu Li