Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Reproduction

A Mathematical Approach to Understanding Volvox

algae, fractal geometry, self-assembly, nutrient uptake, embryo inversion, multicellularity, randomness, swimming

Robinson Libman, Meryem Louni, Ryan McGibbon, Ali Najjar

The Chemistry Lying Deep Within a Volvox Colony

Asexual/sexual reproduction, metabolism, protein-protein interactions, phototsynesis, colony, aging/senescence

Robinson Libman, Meryem Louni, Ryan McGibbon, Ali Najjar

The Biophysics of Volvox

protist, algae, hydrodynamic interaction, phototaxis, embryo inversion

Robinson Libman, Meryem Louni, Ryan McGibbon, Ali Najjar

An Investigation into the Chemical Properties of Gonium

Photocycles, growth regulation, depolluting enzymes, biodegradation, multicellularity evolution, protist

Andrew D’Argenio, Breanna D’Ettorre, Lucas Elliott, Joseph Gad

Deciphering Daphnia Dynamics: A Mathematical Odyssey into Aquatic Ecosystems

Trophic interactions or food web, parthenogenesis, game theory, movement and migration, phenotypic plasticity, predator-prey

Eva Otell, Iris Sun, Marwan Sobh, Xinying Wang, Rémi Ouellette

Daphnia’s Chemical Interactions: Varying Conditions Require Varying Responses

Predator-prey, environmental stressors, bioindicator, adaptation, bioremediation, kairomone, diel vertical migration

Eva Otell, Iris Sun, Marwan Sobh, Rémi Ouellete, Xinying Wang

Copepods Through the Lens of Chemistry

Pigmentation, symbiotic, chemoreception, bioluminescence, crustacean, toxin

Johanna Turton, Melodi Rousset, Philippe Mercier, Tanjin Sultana

Exploring the Mathematics of Unicellular Green Algae (Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii)

Unicellular green algae, synchronization, fluid dynamics, optimization, population dynamics, growth modeling

Ai-Lan Ji-Eun Nguyen, Tesnim Obey, Anders Schwarz, Jackson Yu

Underwater Chemists; Discussion of Design Solutions in Tintinnid Ciliates

Tintinnids, digestion, reproduction, navigation, bioindicators, biochemical pathways

Alexa Bailey, Lou Cubberly, Margaux-Blondin Routhier, Niall Slack-Watkins

Mathematical Modelling of Dinoflagellate Swimming, Population Dynamics and Interactions with Other Organisms

Dinoflagellates, vertical migration, population modeling, growth modeling, carrying capacity

Thalia Azadian, Arda Barlas, Sophia Chen, Simon Girard

Mathematical Models of Diatoms: Understanding Their Complex Shape, Reproduction and Chain Formation

Diatoms, geometry, Gielis formula, structural functionality, fractals

Peter Matthews-Crochetiere, Daniel Ibrahim, Wenan Liao, Cedric Mackay

Life-Sustaining Processes of the Diatom

Diatoms, life cycles, biomineralization, reproduction, reactive oxygen species, biochemistry

Peter Matthews-Crochetiere, Daniel Ibrahim, Wenan Liao, Cedric Mackay