Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Mutualistic Relationships

Unveiling the Chemistry of Radiolaria: Exploring Elemental Insights and Environmental Significance

biomineralization, bioluminescence, photosymbiosis, silica cycle, bioindicator, protists

Vicky Barré, Rhiannon Butler, Valerie Hung, Liora Benzecry

The Innovative Structural and Physical Properties of Radiolaria

protist, silica skeletons, buoyancy and specific gravity control, photosymbiosis, optical properties, photonics

Vicky Barré, Liora Benzecry, Rhiannon Butler, Valerie Hung

Mathematical Marvels of Foraminifera

Adaptation, pore patterns, symbiosis in microeukaryotes, calcification and acidification, shell growth/development, morphogenesis, symbiosis

Emma Bussières, Carolyn Denton, Reno Thompson, Xiao (Rachel) Jiang

The Physics of Foraminifera

Environmental pressure, reproductive strategy, vertical migration, strength rigidity and elasticity, pseudopodia, tests or shell geometry, openings

Carolyn Denton, Emma Bussiéres, Rachel Jiang, Reno Thompson

Formidable Foraminifera, Facing Unfavorable Conditions: A Chemical Analysis

Calcification, marine symbiosis, kleptoplasty, survival mechanisms or adaptations, bacterial and fungal farming, denitrification, metabolism

Emma Bussières, Carolyn Denton, Reno Thompson, Rachel Jiang

The Biochemical Nature of Cyanobacteria

Nitrogen fixation, oxidative stress, bacteria, homeostasis, DNA repair, defense mechanism, carbon dioxide capture

Max Bai, Sierra Bushey, Maria Delgopiatof, Valerie Syme

Copepods Through the Lens of Chemistry

Pigmentation, symbiotic, chemoreception, bioluminescence, crustacean, toxin

Johanna Turton, Melodi Rousset, Philippe Mercier, Tanjin Sultana

Coral Polyps and the Chemical Symphony of Survival

Coral polyps, biomineralization, crystals, calcification, symbiotic relationships, cellular respiration, coral bleaching

Michael Beyrouthy, Cris Izzi, Claudio Petroni, Alex Tsiskakis

The Physics of Coral Polyps

Coral polyps, hydrodynamics, sensing, feeding, anisotropy, photoreceptors

Michael Beyrouthy, Cris Izzi, Claudio Petroni, Alex Tsiskakis

Life-Sustaining Processes of the Diatom

Diatoms, life cycles, biomineralization, reproduction, reactive oxygen species, biochemistry

Peter Matthews-Crochetiere, Daniel Ibrahim, Wenan Liao, Cedric Mackay

Exploring Aquatic Fungi Through Mathematical Tools

Aquatic fungi, mathematical models, population modeling, decomposition, bioremediation

Izabela Junqueira Magalhaes, Kristina Kerkelova, Ruizhi Liu, Yasmine Sadr Kaufmann

Aquatic Fungi: An Exploration of Aquatic Adaptation and Interaction

Aquatic fungi, adaptation, marine ecosystems, evolution, reproduction

Izabela Junqueira Magalhaes, Kristina Kerkelova, Ruizhi Liu, Yasmine Sadr Kaufmann