Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Acidification

Mathematical Marvels of Foraminifera

Adaptation, pore patterns, symbiosis in microeukaryotes, calcification and acidification, shell growth/development, morphogenesis, symbiosis

Emma Bussières, Carolyn Denton, Reno Thompson, Xiao (Rachel) Jiang

Coral Polyps and the Chemical Symphony of Survival

Coral polyps, biomineralization, crystals, calcification, symbiotic relationships, cellular respiration, coral bleaching

Michael Beyrouthy, Cris Izzi, Claudio Petroni, Alex Tsiskakis

An Analysis of the Chemistry Behind Coccolithophores

Coccolithophores, calcification, crystallization, photosynthesis, biochemical pathways, ocean acidification

Megan Farrow, Zackary Murphy, Minh Tri Pham, Jia Yi Yu