Frustules: Design solutions in Diatoms

There are many microorganisms in the universe, and they can generally be sorted into three types: prokaryotic, eukaryotic, and acellular. The subject of this paper is a member of the eukaryotic family, and they are commonly present in nature: the diatom. The diatomite which is formed by the death of…

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Animal Communication: A Physical Review

Communication in the animal kingdom has been explored by humans for centuries. As the species with the most elaborate form of communication, language, we seek to understand how other species interact amongst themselves. Though we are unable to comprehend their communication in the way that we understand our own speech,…

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Masters of Camouflage: Mechanisms of Dynamic Skin Colouration in Cephalopods

Within the animal kingdom, predation pressure has been one of the largest contributing factors towards evolution within species. The presence of predators within communities has forced animals to develop both passive and defensive mechanisms in order to increase fitness. For this research paper, the focus will be directed towards the…

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