Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Courtship and Mating

Master of Camouflage: Chemical Deception in Insect and Plant Species

Camouflage, mimicry, biosynthesis, bioluminescence, parasitism, pollination

Christopher Coluni, John Eric Hamilton, Olivia Lopardo, Olivier Morin

Courtship and Mating: The Chemistry of Pheromones and Their Evolutionary Function

Courtship, mating, pheromones, biosynthesis, sensing, agriculture

Liam Fetherstonhaugh, Joseph Grotsky, Chloe Jacquet, Samuel Nidelli

Animal Communication: A Physical Review

Structural Coloration, Photonics, Echolocation, Electrocommunication, Nanostructures, Signaling

Adam Khan, Janique Mayrand, Olivia Ouellet, Angela Wang

Courtship and Mating: the Physics of Sexual Dimorphism and its Evolutionary Function

Reproduction, Dimorphism, Evolution, Optics, Bioluminescence, Biomechanics, Courtship and Mating

Liam Fetherstonhaugh, Joseph Grotsky, Chloe Jacquet, Samuel Nidelli

Biomechanics of the Evolutionary Arms Race

Evolution and Adaptation, Biomechanics, Competition, Predator-Prey, Horn, Stress

Tri Vinh Truong, Steven Xu, Emma Wong, Quinten Bennett

Design, Purpose and Specificity of the Narwhal’s Tusk

Narwhals, tusks, ivory, dental anatomy, growth mechanisms, elephants

Taegan Hallahan, Emma Martin, Marion Vandewynckele-Bossut, Mianchen Wang

Regulation of the Gut and its Effect on Animal Behavior

Gastrointestinal system, gut microbiome, biochemical pathways, neurotransmitters, complex system of equations

Trevor Hum, Xavier Santerre, Kyle Vamvakas, Mathilde Wagner

Marvels of Eggshell Pigmentation: Why Eggshells Vary so Greatly in Color and Pattern

Avian eggs, pigmentation, camouflage, thermoregulation, structural functionality, parasitism, birds

Leticia Le Goff, Ula Mastej, Jake Pringle, Ryan Romero

The Biochemical Basis for Olfaction

Olfaction and Odorant Molecules, Signal Transduction, Sensory Neurons, Pheromones, Hunting

Curtis Ehlert, Ingi El Shahid, Liv Toft, Mary Wan

A Ton of Mechanical Advantages: Analyzing the Remarkable Structure of Elephant Limbs

Elephant, Seismic Sensitivity/Vibrations, Mechanical Adaptation, Evolution, Cushion/Compression Resistance, Imaging

Andrea Khoury, Nikki Lal, Spencer Levine, Laura Camila Penuela Cardenas