Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Patterns

The Life Cycle of the Whiskers and Antennae of Animals and Insects 

Whiskers, antennae, barbels, sensing, receptors, morphology, regeneration

Yen Chuang, Giselle De Leon, Anna Xuyao Shi, Ella (Yaxin) Wang

Exploration of Mathematical Laws Governing Claws and their Applications within Flying Animals, Terrestrial Pests, and Amniotes

Mathematical Modeling, Claws, Logarithmic Growth and Spiral, Niche, Biomimicry, Digging, Predator-Prey

Liela Andringa, Alan Fu, Alex Jung, Oscar Cruz Hernandez

Reaction Diffusion Patterns in Jaws of the Animal Kingdom

Reaction Diffusion Patterning, Denticles, Morphogenesis, Teeth, Jaws, Growth

Michelle Levy, Riwa Itani, Joseph Marsilio, Irene Simier Requejo

Mathematical Models of Molluscan Shell Patterns and Morphology

Molluscs, Shells, Growth, Mechanical Energy Dissipation, Reaction Diffusion, Pigmentation, Mathematical Modeling

Elliott Cole, Gabriel Linaje-Ferrel, Salma Oraichi, Mikaela Phung

Mathematical Modeling of the Molting Process

Molting, mathematical modelling, fur, feathers, exoskeleton, statistics

Sidrah Alousi-Jones, Le Chen, Léanne Gauthier, Haley Janvrin

Patterns and Networks in Animal Colonies

Colonial organisms, anthills, pattern recognition, coral reefs, mole rats, ecosystems, geometry

Berine Wehbeh, Sara Fraser, Yuheng Liu, Adi Orlov

Quantifying Skin Patterns: Mathematical Interpretations of Camouflaging Techniques in Animals

Camouflage, Turing patterns, saliency mapping, mathematical modelling, cheetahs

Christopher Coluni, John Eric Hamilton, Olivia Lopardo, Olivier Morin

Animal Communication: A Mathematical Review

Communication, bioluminescence, pheromones, insects, probability, vocalization

Adam Khan, Janique Mayrand, Olivia Ouellet, Angela Wang