Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Competition and Evolutionary Arms Race

Mechanical Analysis of Animal Horns

Horns, elasticity, material properties, structural organization, force distribution, anisotropy

Lily Trestan, Rachel Jung, Toufic Jrab, Victor Novakov

A Mathematical Analysis of Animal Horns

Horns, evolution, computational analysis, asymmetry, helices, 3D modelling

Lily Trestan, Rachel Jung, Toufic Jrab, Victor Novakov

Crab Chelae Allometry and Implications on Game-Theoretic Armament Evolution

Crab pincers, chelae, allometry, morphology, force distribution, Game theory

Emilia Bridgeman, Claire Levasseur, Maxim Petkun, Alain Peng Zhang

The Mechanics of Antler Bone: A Weapon for Courtship

Antler, Bone, Mechanical Properties, Hydration, Crack Propagation, Courtship, Anistropy

Laurianne Daoust, Annabelle Huynh-Rondeau, Félix Lavoie, Erica Song

Investigation into Claw Keratin and Applications within Felines and Venomous Species

Claw, Keratin, Venom/Toxin, Semiochemical, Communication

Liela Andringa, Alan Fu, Alex Jung, Oscar Cruz Hernandez

Mathematical Modeling of the Antler Growth Cycle

Mathematical Modeling, Antler, Growth Cycle and Growth Rate, Photogrammetry, Handicap Principle, Memory

Laurianne Daoust, Félix Lavoie, Annabelle Huynh-Rondeau, Erica Song

A Biomechanical Review of Animal Tongue Functions

Tongue, Non-Newtonian, Surface Roughness, Feeding and Prey-Catching, Saliva, Biomimicry, Elastic Energy

Shunyuan Xiao, Marc Srour, Sophie Allard

Biomineralization in Mollusks and Brachiopods

Biomineralization/Calcification and Crystallization, Self Defense/Defense Mechanism, Shells, Mineralization Inhibitors, Growth, Imaging, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Elliott Cole, Gabriel Linaje-Ferrel, Mikaela Phung, Salma Oraichi

Jaws: Terrific yet Terrifying

Jaws, Chitin, Elastin and Collagen, Hunting and Feeding, Venom, Fang, Biomechanics

Michelle Levy, Riwa Itani, Irene Simier, Joseph Marsilio

Patterns and Networks in Animal Colonies

Colonial organisms, anthills, pattern recognition, coral reefs, mole rats, ecosystems, geometry

Berine Wehbeh, Sara Fraser, Yuheng Liu, Adi Orlov

Courtship and Mating Within Evolutionary Game

Game theory, courtship, mating, evolution, mathematical modelling

Liam Fetherstonhaugh, Joseph Grotsky, Chloe Jacquet, Samuel Nidelli

Modeling Population Dynamics & Evolutionary Cooperation with Game Theory

Game theory, evolution, matrices, hawks, selection

Steven Xu, Tri Vinh Truong, Emma Wong, Quinten Bennett