Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Intermolecular Forces

Biological Design for Lungs and Gills: Biomechanics and Materials 

Gas Exchange, Diffusion, Respiration, Biomechanics and Materials, Evolution

Samuel Bernard, Nabhaan Farooqi, Camille Gagnon, Will Vyse

Mechanical and Material Design Principles of the Avian Egg Shell

Egg and shell, Bacterial Defense, Embryo, Gas and Fluid Exchange and Transport, Biomechanics, Radiation, Structure and Microstructure

Leticia Le Goff, Ula Mastej, Jake Pringle, Ryan Romero

Comparative Analysis of Biomechanical Properties of Mammalian Fur

Fur, Insulation, Optical Properties, Adaptation, Biomechanics, porcupine, Polar Bear

Marc Amin, Lovéni Hanumunthadu, Matthew MacDonald, Thibaud Roy

The Optical Properties of Camera Eyes

Eyes, Optical Properties, Refraction, Photoreceptor, Lenses, Focal Length, Accommodation

Tuna Gedik, Nassib Hassouna, Mohul Sharma, Michelle Sateen Yazbek

Rodent Adaptations to Ever-growing Teeth

Rodents, Teeth, Morphology and Anatomy, Jaws, Diet, Bite Force, Tooth Eruption

Taegan Hallahan, Emma Martin, Marion Vandewynckele-Bossut, Mianchen Wang