Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Thermoregulation

Just Keep Swimming: Structure, Movement, and Light Interactions of Unicellular Green Algae

Unicellular green algae, stress, locomotion, kinematics, swimming, light properties

Ai-Lan Ji-Eun Nguyen, Tesnim Obey, Anders Schwarz, Jackson Yu

Daphnia’s Chemical Interactions: Varying Conditions Require Varying Responses

Predator-prey, environmental stressors, bioindicator, adaptation, bioremediation, kairomone, diel vertical migration

Eva Otell, Iris Sun, Marwan Sobh, Rémi Ouellete, Xinying Wang

Mathematical Models of Diatoms: Understanding Their Complex Shape, Reproduction and Chain Formation

Diatoms, geometry, Gielis formula, structural functionality, fractals

Peter Matthews-Crochetiere, Daniel Ibrahim, Wenan Liao, Cedric Mackay

Life-Sustaining Processes of the Diatom

Diatoms, life cycles, biomineralization, reproduction, reactive oxygen species, biochemistry

Peter Matthews-Crochetiere, Daniel Ibrahim, Wenan Liao, Cedric Mackay

The Metabolic and Regulatory Roles of Adipose Tissue in Organisms

Metabolism, adipose tissue, fats, lipids, thermogenesis, endocrine functions

Edward Tong, Josh Negenman, Michelle Sayeh, Milana Farah

A Multi-Functional Armor: Carapaces’ Roles in Different Animals

Carapace, Mineralization, Turtle, Keratin/Collagen, Armadillo, Bettle, Biomimicry

Elisabeth Lawton, Emma Geoffroy, Osandi Hewage, Yitao Sun

Tails: An Investigation into the Variability of Their Structure and Function

Tails, Thermoregulation, Propulsion, Foraging, Aerodynamics, Evolution

Clementine Ruiz, Moriah Campbell, Martin Pone

Animal Communication: A Chemical Review

Communication, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), biosynthesis, pheromones, bioluminescence, biochemistry

Adam Khan, Janique Mayrand, Olivia Ouellet, Angela Wang

Bioadhesives for Animal Construction in Nature: A Collection of Case Studies

Bioadhesives, spider webs, insect nests, silk, adhesion mechanisms

Yuheng Liu, Berine Wehbeh, Sara Fraser, Adi Orlov

Applications of Newtonian Mechanics in the Animal Molting Process

Molting, Newtonian Mechanics, Friction, Gliding, Stiffness and Mechanical Properties, Biomechanics

Sidrah Alousi-Jones, Le Chen, Léanne Gauthier, Haley Janvrin

Animal Architecture: The Mechanics Behind Some of Nature’s Most Ingenious Structures

Materials and Mechanics, Architecture and Shelter, Thermoregulation, Habitat, Stress, Hexagonal Geometry, Friction

Adi Orlov, Berine Wehbeh, Yuheng Liu, Sara Fraser

A Portfolio of The Physical Peculiarities of Animal Sleep Behaviour

Sleep, Gravity, Thermodynamics and Thermoregulation, Evolutionary Adaptation, Digestion

Kelliane Beland, Taisei Fu, Andres Gonzalez, Grace Shi