Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Concentration Gradients

Aquatic Fungi: An Exploration of Adaptations in Chemical Processes

Aquatic fungi, hyphae, chemotaxis, pheromones, decomposition, biochemistry, bioremediation

Izabela Junqueira Magalhaes, Kristina Kerkelova, Ruizhi Liu, Yasmine Sadr Kaufmann

Chemical Analysis of Amoebae

Amoeba, Chemotaxis, Phagocytosis, Signaling Molecule, Osmoregulation, Movement

Hailey Jukes, Adele Omichinski, Nicholas Da-Costa-Bastidas, Gil Qin

A Chemical Review of Animal Tongue Functions

Tongue, Chemical Cues/Chemosensors, Adhesion, Hunt, Taste Discrimination, Mucin, Evolution

Shunyuan Xiao, Marc Srour, Sophie Allard

The Hormone-Dependent Regenerative Basis of Antlers

Hormone, Antlers, Stem Cells, Regeneration and Regenerative Medicine, X-ray, Mineral Intake and Mineralization

Laurianne Daoust, Félix Lavoie, Annabelle Huynh-Rondeau, Erica Song

Biomineralization in Mollusks and Brachiopods

Biomineralization/Calcification and Crystallization, Self Defense/Defense Mechanism, Shells, Mineralization Inhibitors, Growth, Imaging, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Elliott Cole, Gabriel Linaje-Ferrel, Mikaela Phung, Salma Oraichi

Mathematical Models of Molluscan Shell Patterns and Morphology

Molluscs, Shells, Growth, Mechanical Energy Dissipation, Reaction Diffusion, Pigmentation, Mathematical Modeling

Elliott Cole, Gabriel Linaje-Ferrel, Salma Oraichi, Mikaela Phung

The Biochemical Basis of Fossilization

Fossilization, preservation, biochemistry, mineralization, geology, paleontology

Graeme McDougall, Jeongbin Shin, Mona Wang, Ritchie Yu

Master of Camouflage: Chemical Deception in Insect and Plant Species

Camouflage, mimicry, biosynthesis, bioluminescence, parasitism, pollination

Christopher Coluni, John Eric Hamilton, Olivia Lopardo, Olivier Morin

Chemical Adaptation in Viviparous Birthing and Oviparous Hatching

Embryo, Nutrient and Gas Exchange and Transport, Mineralization, Placenta and Placentation, Reproduction, Hatching, Egg

Serena Kim, Massimiliano Garzia, Lila Oualim, Mark Tchinov

The Mechanics and Rates of Organic Matter Decomposition

Decomposition and Degradation, Chemotaxis, Collective Feeding, Organic Matter, Photodegradation, Bacteria, Climate Change

Graeme McDougall, Jeongbin Shin, Mona Wang, Ritchie Yu

Regulation of the Gut and its Effect on Animal Behavior

Gastrointestinal system, gut microbiome, biochemical pathways, neurotransmitters, complex system of equations

Trevor Hum, Xavier Santerre, Kyle Vamvakas, Mathilde Wagner

Biological Design for Lungs and Gills: Information and Storage Processing

Respiration, lungs, gills, diffusion, metabolism, oxygen

Samuel Bernard, Nabhaan Farooqi, Camille Gagnon, Will Vyse