Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Concentration Gradients

Information Signaling and Processing in the Vascular System

Vascular system, blood-brain barrier, diffusion, signal propagation, capillaries

Akash Aniche, Hubert Laflamme, Deisha Paliwal, Julianna Raabel

The Heart: Information and Storage Processing

Heart, electrical circuits, electrocardiogram, signal propagation, signal processing

Anne-Sarah Dickman, Lina El Kesti, Junqi Wang, Angela Zhu

Molecular and Histological Structures of Generic Mammalian Hair and Fur

Keratin, protein structure, fur, hair, hydrophobicity, growth cycles

Marc Amin, Lovéni Hanumunthadu, Matthew MacDonald, Thibaud Roy

Biological Design for Lungs and Gills: Biomolecular and Chemical Engineering

Lungs, gills, diffusion, cellular respiration, biochemistry, surfactants

Samuel Bernard, Nabhaan Farooqi, Camille Gagnon, Will Vyse

Stable Isotopes and Diet Analysis: Insight into Trophic Level, and Geographical Origin and Location

Isotopes, diet, trophic networks, photosynthesis, ecology

Trevor Hum, Xavier Santerre, Kyle Vamvakas, Mathilde Wagner

Marvels of Eggshell Pigmentation: Why Eggshells Vary so Greatly in Color and Pattern

Avian eggs, pigmentation, camouflage, thermoregulation, structural functionality, parasitism, birds

Leticia Le Goff, Ula Mastej, Jake Pringle, Ryan Romero

The Biomolecular Design of the Eye

Photoreception, Eye anatomy, Lenses, Isomerization, Visual Spectrum

Tuna Gedik, Nassib Hassouna, Mohul Sharma, Michelle Sateen Yazbek

Biomolecular Factors for Immunity, Color Change, and Mechanical Strength of the Integument

Integument System, Chromatophores and Color Change, Glands, Cell Junctions, Immunity

Juyoun Bae, Andrei Bocan, Justin Charney, Lan Anh Huynh

Biological Design for Lungs and Gills: Biomechanics and Materials 

Gas Exchange, Diffusion, Respiration, Biomechanics and Materials, Evolution

Samuel Bernard, Nabhaan Farooqi, Camille Gagnon, Will Vyse

The Well-Kept Secrets of Blood: The Mechanism of a Vital Fluid

Viscoelasticity, Non-Newtonian, Blood, Circulatory System, Rheology, Transport Phenomenon

Arnaud Benchetrite, Ines Hafit, Laura Hebert, Shiyuan Qiao