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Category: pH

Mathematical Marvels of Foraminifera

Adaptation, Pore patterns, symbiosis in microeukaryotes, calcification and acidification, shell growth/development, morphogenesis, symbiosis

Emma Bussières, Carolyn Denton, Reno Thompson, Xiao (Rachel) Jiang

Formidable Foraminifera, Facing Unfavorable Conditions: A Chemical Analysis

Calcification, marine symbiosis, kleptoplasty, survival mechanisms or adaptations, bacterial and fungal farming, denitrification, metabolism

Emma Bussières, Carolyn Denton, Reno Thompson, Rachel Jiang

Daphnia’s Chemical Interactions: Varying Conditions Require Varying Responses

Predator-prey, environmental stressors, bioindicator, adaptation, bioremediation, kairomone, diel vertical migration

Eva Otell, Iris Sun, Marwan Sobh, Rémi Ouellete, Xinying Wang

Life-Sustaining Processes of the Diatom

Diatoms, life cycles, biomineralization, reproduction, reactive oxygen species, biochemistry

Peter Matthews-Crochetiere, Daniel Ibrahim, Wenan Liao, Cedric Mackay

An Analysis of the Chemistry Behind Coccolithophores

Coccolithophores, calcification, crystallization, photosynthesis, biochemical pathways, ocean acidification

Megan Farrow, Zackary Murphy, Minh Tri Pham, Jia Yi Yu

Biomineralization in Mollusks and Brachiopods

Biomineralization/Calcification and Crystallization, Self Defense/Defense Mechanism, Shells, Mineralization Inhibitors, Growth, Imaging, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Elliott Cole, Gabriel Linaje-Ferrel, Mikaela Phung, Salma Oraichi

Bioadhesives for Animal Construction in Nature: A Collection of Case Studies

Bioadhesives, spider webs, insect nests, silk, adhesion mechanisms

Yuheng Liu, Berine Wehbeh, Sara Fraser, Adi Orlov

The Biochemical Basis of Fossilization

Fossilization, preservation, biochemistry, mineralization, geology, paleontology

Graeme McDougall, Jeongbin Shin, Mona Wang, Ritchie Yu

Chemical Adaptation in Viviparous Birthing and Oviparous Hatching

Embryo, Nutrient and Gas Exchange and Transport, Mineralization, Placenta and Placentation, Reproduction, Hatching, Egg

Serena Kim, Massimiliano Garzia, Lila Oualim, Mark Tchinov

The Blue Blood of Horseshoe Crabs: A golden Standard for Endotoxin Detection in the Biomedical Industry

horseshoe crabs, blood, endotoxins, detection, biochemistry, biosensing

Arnaud Benchetrite, Ines Hafit, Laura Hebert, Shiyuan Qiao,

Design, Purpose and Specificity of the Narwhal’s Tusk

Narwhals, tusks, ivory, dental anatomy, growth mechanisms, elephants

Taegan Hallahan, Emma Martin, Marion Vandewynckele-Bossut, Mianchen Wang

The Design of the Spine

Bison, spines, musculoskeletal system, 3D modelling, spinal injuries

Ahmed Bawany, Bianca Dubois, Yzza M’sahi, Michael Parsons