Bioengineering Hyperbook

Department of Bioengineering

Category: Fluorescence Microscopy

The Physical Adaptations Underlying the Tardigrade’s Resistance to Extreme Environmental Conditions 

Tardigrades, microorganism anatomy, mechanical strength, protein function, thermoresistance

Luccia Jabbour, Eden Karp-Foster, Jeremy Lachance, Wadi Zahka

The Physics of Coral Polyps

Coral polyps, hydrodynamics, sensing, feeding, anisotropy, photoreceptors

Michael Beyrouthy, Cris Izzi, Claudio Petroni, Alex Tsiskakis

Nature’s Nanomagnets: A Chemical Perspective on Magnetotactic Bacteria

Magnetotactic bacteria, biomineralization, polarity, biochemical pathways, horizontal gene transfer, sensing

Alex Gagnon, Catriona Kirk, Jason Li, Sofian Martinais